Nov 272012

Kaiser Permanente, the largest managed healthcare organization in the United States, is advising members to limit exposure to genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

In its Northwest Fall 2012 newsletter, Kaiser warns of the potential danger GMOs pose to the national food supply. According to the newsletter:GMOs have been added to our food supply since 1994, but most people don’t know it because the United States does not require labeling of GMOs. As of 2012, most corn, soybeans, canola, cotton, and sugar beets are genetically modified. Nearly 80 percent of processed food and most fast food contain GMOs.Despite what the biotech industry might say, there is little research on the long-term effects of GMOs on human health. Independent research has found several varieties of GMO corn caused organ damage in rats. Other studies have found that GMOs may lead to an inability in animals to reproduce.Kaiser Permanente goes on to suggest several things members can do to help limit their exposure to GMOs. In particular, Kaiser recommends buying USDA Certified Organic and “Non GMO Project Verified” foods.To learn more about how to know what foods are GMO and which are not, visit