Nov 272012

With the election over, I thought it might be beneficial to look back into the archives and see just what this Obama guy has done and he’s done a bunch!  That being said, what has he done which helped avoid catastrophe, improved core foundational items in our citizenry and economy which many have under valued.

  1. Better roads are a good thing and the Obama administration move to support $60B in funding for infrastructure, regardless of the job outcome which is targeted at 2 million direct and indirect jobs is a good thing.
  2. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act at least didn’t allow our educational system to decline more.  The effort saved 300,000+  jobs in education – think – teachers, principals and folks like that.  That has to be beneficial to both the economy and our future.
  3. With SNAP’s $20B increase, we may question the massive numbers on food stamps, but do we really want families starving?  If not SNAP/the Fed, then who is going to do it?
  4. The Iraq war exit provides much needed cost relief and bring our kids/brothers/sisters/fathers/mothers back home to their families.
  5. He’s used technology to open up access and improve visibility – streaming White House events, discloses white house visitors online, portal for government services and increased visibility/access to Freedom of Information Requests.  Transparency is a nice thing.
  6. Renewable energy targets are in place to drive innovation and energy independence which help strengthen our economy and provides improved national security. Be nice to the planet and producing jobs which can’t be outsourced has to move us forward in the right direction.
  7. Drove improvements to NAFTA to improve trade, environmental and labor compliance.