Nov 232012

There is a Food War going on right now. It’s GMO/Monsanto verses Organic Food/Planet Earth and if you are not aware of this yet, let me be the first one to tell you “We’re Surrounded!” but there is still time and a way for Real Food to win in the end. It’s called the Internet and the Free Market and YOU.

It Can Be Done!
I believe we can win with clean food education and the free market solution of voting with your dollars in the checkout

line. When you BUY ORGANIC you are picking Non-GMO. I have already watched organic variety go up and prices go down in the Organic section at my local Kroger. Organic is labeled and easily identifiable. It doesn’t take that much more¬†effort to become an Organic Shopper and truthfully it’s a lot of fun. Best of all is the feeling you get seeing your child eating clean and knowing you’ve done your very best to protect and encourage healthy growth, body and mind.

Pay with Dollars Now or Your Health Later?

Some people are under the impression that they can’t afford it. In reality your really can’t afford not to and let’s be serious, there is not a price to be put on good health. As we already see, most people will pay and do anything to regain their health once threatened with death. Why wait to do what it takes to prevent serious health issues? Why do the kids have to face the same up hill battle we do to eat clean, real food?

Problem Solvers Guide to the Cost Conundrum:
If cost is a concern then have no worries. I have found two approaches that both work great and are more affordable than jumping straight to 100% Organic.

1. The first approach is the one I current subscribe to as we are also a family effected by this economy. I call it Kid First and it is exactly what it sounds like. The idea is to move your children to Organic first and Mom and Dad second. You can do this either piece by piece or all in. Our son Cole has been Organic from the start but as they grow so does the variety and range of food products. However, when we first started moving him to solids we had this very choice to make. How can we afford to keep his food clean and everything else?

2. The second approach is switching out single items one by one. Start with one or more of each food group and choose Organic for the most used product. For my house that would be Milk, Chicken, Blueberries, and Bread. At the same time you can take this opportunity to drop something from the “junk food” category if you have any of that on your current regular shopping list. Piece by piece you can take charge of your food quality and your health while insuring you’ve done the best you can for your children’s health and future habits.

Ready, Set, Go Organic!
I’m going to recommend if you decide to explore these ideas, and I hope you will, go into it with the “no other option” attitude from the start and don’t look back. I have spent a lot of time in my local Kroger and other Organic Friendly Stores and I have discovered everything you need is there and there are deals to be had. As more and more folks make the switch and start voting with their dollars as well we’ll all see our food prices come down, more deals, and even more variety. This war is going to be fought in the Market and it is entirely up to us as to whether we win or lose. The future of Clean Food is looking bright and you are part of this fight.