Budget: Entitlements should be for those entitled to them and contribution is required.

Budget: Entitlements should be for those entitled to them and contribution is required.

So with all this cliff talk and the “growing”/theoretical insolvency at some point in the future, I got to thinking and doing a little math as it relates to entitlements and alike since the statistics aren’t hard to find, with […]

What Happens Now?

Just about a month ago the worst President in the history of the United States was re-elected by the dumbest electorate in history. It is official, the Looters and Moochers now outnumber the Makers and Creators. The question, then, becomes […]

Talking Points: 11 Reasons why Republicans can't and shouldn't stop talking about Benghazi

Talking Points: 11 Reasons why Republicans can’t and shouldn’t stop talking about Benghazi

With the election over and a resounding “Nah, we don’t want to go backward” asserted in the voting, I look forward to the country to moving forward and supporting the intent of the electorate by getting some work done.¬†¬† While […]

Governmental Largesse: An Economic Reality and Dependancy

Kevin shared this link. Ron Paul farewell validates the urgent issue around dependency.

Political Polarization is Damaging America’s Listening Skills

Political polarization is currently the bane of American life. We as a citizenry have become so pushed to the extremes of political opinion and action that we can barely hear each other. If you are not talking about what I want to hear the way I want to hear it, I cannot hear you. The same is true from your side. How in the world are we ever going to reach common ground if we cannot “listen” and “hear” each other? We get stuck in nowhere-land with little chance of exit or repair.

Is it a Fair Political Charge to Call Sarah Palin a “Quitter” For Resigning the Alaska Governorship?

The latest Sarah Palin Celebrity buzz and yes, she is a celebrity, appears to be that she will be doing a reality TV series and that her personal brand could be worth as much as $1 million dollars an episode, wow, how is that for cash flow? Let’s see 300 episodes and she ought to be able to afford to pay for half of her next Presidential run for office? The reality TV show is rumored to be her and her family in Alaska.