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It is always just a little interesting the facts which Republican’s choose to highlight or remember.  Looks like Obama is actually keeping people more safe by these counts.  Facts suck!  I guess that’s why so many are omitted from Fox News stories.

Written by J. Alex

I’ve been increasingly political in my old age.

  4 Responses to “Benghazi not the first embassy/consulate deaths!”

  1. A friend on Facebook pointed me here, so I will take a stab at playing. First,let’s do some quick Google searches to get some perspective:

    Friday, June 8, 2002, Pakistan: “…an explosives-laden car near a guard post outside the heavily guarded consulate exploded, killing 10 people and wounding 51 others, authorities said. At least two of the victims were security guards, and everyone killed in the attack was Pakistani.”

    Friday, July 30, 2004, Uzbekistan: “…The U.S. Embassy said in a statement that no American personnel or local embassy employees were wounded in the attack, which took place around 5 p.m. Israeli officials also confirmed there were no casualties among their embassy staff. One of the Uzbeks killed was an embassy security guard, and the other was the personal security guard of the Israeli ambassador, the presidential aide said.”

    Monday, Dec 6, 2004, Saudi Arabia: “Gunmen fought their way into the complex, reportedly taking 18 staff and visa applicants hostage for a short time before Saudi security forces stormed the building, killing three attackers and arresting two others….no Americans had been killed and a “handful of other employees” had been taken to hospital. Security sources told Reuters the dead were Arabs and Asians…this assault on the consulate has taken all Jeddah residents by surprise…”

    Tuesday, Sept 12, 2006, Syria: “Four attackers detonated the car bomb before attempting to storm the compound, the Syrian ministry said. The Syrian forces met the attackers, and an embassy guard was killed battling them, the ministry said. Fourteen people were wounded, including the suspect, an embassy policeman, a security worker and 11 civilians, among them two Iraqis and a Chinese official…”

    Weds, Sept 17, 2008, Yemen: “SANAA, Yemen, Sept. 17 — Attackers used vehicle bombs, rocket-propelled grenades and automatic weapons to mount a coordinated assault on the U.S. Embassy here Wednesday, leaving 10 guards and civilians dead outside the main gate but failing to breach the walled compound. No Americans were killed…State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said in Washington that the multiphased attack bore “all the hallmarks” of al-Qaeda and credited “the vigilance and the response” of Yemeni forces with preventing a more devastating assault.”

    Okay, so what do we learn from reading about the actual stories of these attacks? Unlike what the graphic attempts to portray, these particular attacks were very different in character from what happened in Benghazi. Namely:

    1. Each of the attacks resulted in the deaths of guards and outsiders, not 1 single American killed in any of them. 4 Americans died in Benghazi.

    2. The guards did what they were supposed to do, they got into the fight and repelled the attackers. In Benghazi the local guards abandoned their posts as cowards or collaborators, leaving the site unprotected from the coordinated attack.

    3. All of the attacks mentioned in the image were surprise attacks, unlike Benghazi when the US was warned that something was going to happen on the 9-11 anniversary.

    4. The above attacks were over quickly, with the attackers subdued, killed or captured. The Benghazi incident went on for 7 hours, and the 0 administration had a drone overhead relaying info to the US in real time. No attempt was made to rescue or reinforce US staff on the ground, nor was an air attack made to repel the Islamist fighters.

    5. In each of these stories linked above, the perpetrators are called terrorists, Islamists, Al Quadists or what have you. The cause for the attacks tended to be along the lines of “because the US and local forces are combating Islamist groups”. The cause of the Benghazi affair still lies shrouded in lies and evasions.

    So, after looking at the image, then doing a minimum amount of research I believe that I can respond with, “No, nothing like Benghazi happened on their watch. No ambassadors were killed, no American Embassy staff were killed, no elaborate lies were concocted for the Admin spokesperson to maintain the illusion that President 0 has personally killed OBL and destroyed AQ.”

    I look forward to the next attempt at a comparison between the utter incompetence of President 0’s administration and any other, previous group. Except maybe for Carter, the comparisons there are eerie.

  2. Steve! This is going to be a fun time. As you suspect, my position is: A death is a death, Half a planet away is half a planet away and regardless of who is president, what the talking points are – bad people with do bad things and a president shouldn’t be held responsible for – a single incident half a planet away where bad people did bad things.

  3. Mr Alex, American Embassies are American Soil. What happened in Benghazi, then, with “a death is a death” is an attack on America. If the public discovers that there are pics of 0 in his pajamas watching that drone feed, then going back to bed and doing nothing – or worse, ordering any rescue/reinforcement/attack effort to stand down – there will be hell to pay. He will be more reviled than a Jimmy Carter/Richard Nixon love child.

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