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The latest Sarah Palin Celebrity buzz and yes, she is a celebrity, appears to be that she will be doing a reality TV series and that her personal brand could be worth as much as $1 million dollars an episode, wow, how is that for cash flow? Let’s see 300 episodes and she ought to be able to afford to pay for half of her next Presidential run for office? The reality TV show is rumored to be her and her family in Alaska.

Sarah Palin is a celebrity much like Barack Obama is a celebrity in many ways, and not just a politician. That is how his PR team branded him, a rock star like speaker, as we watched his debut unfold and turn into a successful road to the white house. Politicians as celebrities? Sure, why not, it’s almost a natural extension isn’t it?

Not long ago, someone mentioned to me that they thought that Sarah Palin let the citizens of Alaska down by resigning from office. And they told me that if you want to succeed in life you must never give up. True enough and his comments read like Winston Churchill of course. And yet, if we throw in a little Ayn Rand philosophy, we also can understand why some people in high positions quit, when people are penalized for pushing forward and helping build, they often do some soul searching and wonder why they bother.

In politics we trash the good people and then we push the best storytellers forward, as if the created reality is more relevant than the real deal. Politics, yes, that word makes everyone cringe, it’s not a pretty game, and it is amazing that we can run such a great country this way, in spite of the ugly politics.

Personally, I have nothing against Sarah Palin, and I do not know her and have never met her. So, I really cannot say whether her quitting was founded or not. My theories include;

  • (a) She wanted to go out on top while the state still had a surplus;
  • (b) She wanted to avoid legal issues that would mar her in a scandal (actual or perceived);
  • (c) Her family had, had enough and she could do better for herself and family monetarily by quitting, writing books, giving speeches.
  • (d) A combination of these factors and strategies for a come back later – purely political strategy.

Either way she did get herself into a position of notoriety that turned to cash flow, serving perhaps her purposes and the family, and at that point perhaps she said; “enough of this nonsense,” of beating her head against a wall, and watching people and the main stream media trash her and her family.

Let me ask you a question?

If you were helping a group of people and giving them your best efforts to fix those things which were clearly wrong in your mind – and if you were trashed to no end, for all that you gave, at what point would you question those activities? At what point would you walk away and say; “they do not deserve my hard work, gifts, sacrifice, or caring?

If Sarah quit as to not address the lawsuits or charges of perhaps trumped up legal issues by those who wished to destroy her and had in fact done a pretty good job in their efforts – and if she realized that she couldn’t govern properly or that such a legal fight would put her in the poor house, then she perhaps had no choice. Which is a sad affair and common occurrence in politics, it’s wrong and we all know it, as it is using the legal system in a totally manipulative way – it’s wrong. Of course, her history shows she too did a bit of destroying the old status quo on the way up as well – good or bad, that is how politics is played until we change it.

Now then, if you read any Colonel Boyd you can see how those who charge the current status quo, unfit to lead, or the direction of the leadership or society nothing more than “emperors with no clothes,” these same people, if they gain ground in a growing trend tend to get into power, only to find themselves changed, loved and respected to start out, then turning to use of fear for respect to remain, only to once again find another challenger to start that vicious cycle over again, calling them unfit to lead.

So, knowing this truth of the cycle of leadership and human primate politics, may I ask you why anyone who is any good would want to participate – or why any decent family man or woman in this case would be willing to sacrifice their family for the cause, knowing they’d find themselves hated by the media, which controls the minds of the people, for doing what they believed was the right thing.

Everyone has a threshold, and sacrificing one’s self is one thing, but when it comes to sacrificing your loved ones and family too, for your chance to rise (for the possible chance) to create a more favorable environment in the civilization or society, wouldn’t that automatically call your character into question. Sacrificing your own family, other people you love, all for the common good, only to watch and know that in the future all that you create will be destroyed by those of a different mindset who will take over once you leave?

This of course is all philosophy.

And yes, I suppose we can call Sarah Palin a quitter if we want too, or think what we may, but never forget that “Discretion is often the better part of Valor,” or so someone once said; the “live to fight another day,” motif is to which I speak in this point of contention. Perhaps, you have had thoughts about this or watched the left-wing media work to destroy the Sarah Palin Brand, maybe you’ve considered their charges of her personal character trying to label her as some sort of quitter. Personally, I don’t buy it.

Some may think that Sarah had let down the movement she started, but while that may appear to be so, it may not be the end of the story, perhaps a beginning of another. See that point too? So, with all that said and hoping we can continue this dialogue in future political articles – I’d perhaps, put forth the notion that Sarah’s departure from the Alaska Governorship may have been prudent for her future political ambitions, and her need to continue her mission on a different path, without losing the synergy due to being stuck in a rut of political scandal and legal maneuvering by her opposition.

Politics is a lot like war, a championship sports match, high stakes poker, international negotiation, marketplace branding, ruthless business, and a meeting of the minds all in one. Machiavelli speaks to the dynamics of it all in the Prince, albeit in a much simpler game of days gone by, and modern political philosophers as well as those through the ages indeed have made light of all the issues and psychology involved.

Those are my preliminary thoughts on the issue without putting too much mental horsepower into it, although if you’d like to continue this dialogue, we can certainly do that – I will then use such comments to form new political articles on this topic. It is an interesting phenomena, Sarah is an interesting person in modern politics, but as I have said, I’ve never met her, and cannot pass judgment on her Alaskan Governorship resignation – nor should you.

Lance Winslow is a retired Founder of a Nationwide Franchise Chain, and now runs the Online Think Tank. Lance Winslow believes in cleaning your car; http://www.DetailGuys.com

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