Oct 132011

Daily Kos wrote an Open Letter to the 53% Guy.  It is a fairly interesting piece – well thought out and fair.  That’s what we need fairness.


While appreciate the dedication and message this guy is putting forth, here is my list of things I know/believe:

  • I worked 20-40 hours a week to go through college
  • I worked for 15 years after college to pay off my loans
  • Worked 60-70 hours in the first phase of my career
  • I traveled and worked so much I missed my first two kids growing up  — now that’s an american dream!
  • I pay more in taxes than many US households makes a year and I’m willing to pay more
  • I believe a person with 6 kids on welfare is a travesty.  Almost criminal actually – so selfish.
  • I don’t believe competitive markets will provide enough guidance for good decision making by companies
  • I blame greed, not wall street, unfortunately, wall st is were it happened.
  • I lost $350,000 worth of wealth in the two economic bubbles and I’m more or less ok with that, but it can’t happen again.
  • I’ve never been in the armed forces, that doesn’t make me better or worse – we all make choices
  • I think a good bunch of these kids in OCCUPY are bad at math and doing research, it might be why they are unemployed
  • I have healthcare
  • I think college should be free to students who do well in school (think B+ average)
  • I think Neal Boortz makes some valid points
  • I think standardized test and class sizes are making people dumb.
  • I think house buyers got duped into buying homes at inflated prices and something needs to be done.
  • I pay more in child support a month than many families make – I don’t feel guilty, I feel blessed and proud of my work and effort
  • I think lack of responsibility by fathers contributing to the well being of their kids has fucked up a bunch of stuff.
  • I have a gaggle of kids who I want to have a similar opportunity I have, but the math isn’t working out
  • I think it is reasonable for new mothers to take a year off subsidized by  the government
  • I’m pretty sure the Jobs Bill is fucked – no way to manage, monitor or administer effectively.
  • I don’t believe anyone is a whiner if they have a point
  • I believe there are lazy people who want to feed off the government trough
  • I don’t believe a college degree entitles you to ANYTHING
  • I believe hard work, dedication and creativity can change anyone’s situation
  • I know there are people who need help, like the 53% guy
  • I don’t believe in free rides – give to get is real and should be enforced
  • I’m really disappointed in Obama
  • I think our right to privacy and assemble is non-existent
  • I believe our education system is broken
  • I believe our economic system is skewed
  • I believe I got lucky and I should help

Here is something I wanted to share from the Kos article:

I’m a liberal, so I probably dream bigger than you.  For instance, I want everybody to have healthcare.  I want lazy people to have healthcare.  I want stupid people to have healthcare.  I want drug addicts to have healthcare.  I want bums who refuse to work even when given the opportunity to have healthcare.  I’m willing to pay for that with my taxes, because I want to live in a society where it doesn’t matter how much of a loser you are, if you need medical care you can get it.  And not just by crowding up an emergency room that should be dedicated exclusively to helping people in emergencies.

Why wouldn’t we want this?   Why wouldn’t we want a system that balanced the contribution from the citizens and the corporations?  I mean the corporations in the US have  nearly $2 Trillion on their balance sheets.  Now that’s a lot of cash which isn’t being put to work to drive the economy.  I know all the economic uncertainty is why they are spending, but if they spent 20% of it a bunch of the uncertainty would disappear.

There needs to be social reform AND economic reform.  We need to respect individual rights, provide an environment where everyone contributes and provide services for people in need.

Quick numbers say we can quickly get out of this social inequity and financial injustice – we just have to do it.  While my math is rough –  here is one approach which might work.  We just need action and commitment to serving our citizens, which is something which I think has been lost along the way.

Maybe George Carlin said it best:

Written by J. Alex

I’ve been increasingly political in my old age.

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