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Most obvious, change is difficult for the masses. However, as the social tide shifts toward Barack Obama, the blending of political philosophies is inevitable particularly as one views this from several political, social and economic levels. Unifying, edifying and politicizing social change is the platform of the day through American’s strong heritages of freedom, liberty and opportunities for all people. Unfortunately, equal opportunity is a masked with an underworld of denial and corruption for many.

To illustrate a point, one might ask if they could bare the thought of their own child being ostracized by piers from his school where jackets are urinated upon, items disappear from lockers and swimming pools become contaminated. Why? Because a business environment has an underlying agenda to choke the life out of his parent, a parent whom they consider to be a threat, a parent who might believe in green technology, or a parent who provides opportunities to an individual who is not accepted within the convoluted business walls of who is in or labeled out.

One might also ponder of the notion of an individual who is arrested and shot by a police officer while they are pinned on the ground with their hands tied behind their back such as Oscar Grant in Oakland, California. Add this deleterious violation of civil rights compounded by a community who delays the investigation. What an outrageous, hideous sign of a community gone awry.

More common and perhaps less obvious is the daily corporate grind of a wolf-pack minded workforce who deep sixths an individual, pours relentless amounts of work on a person that is designed to lead to failure with a ‘thank you’ ticket to the door of unemployment.

Consider the elderly in nursing homes who are deliberately over medicated, not fed or changed because of their affiliation or relation to a person in the community who is ostracized by an underworld network of big business tactics.

How about an individual who is wrangled from a church they attended for nearly 50 years, attended elementary and colleges supported by the same faith and volunteered for years teaching religious education. Out of no where, this individual feels the affect of whiplash by a priest who literally turns his back to a handshake, who dissents to the whims of the masses by delivering a sermon denouncing the individual in the pew and who cow-tows to the wave of gossip generated by a devious business community riddled with greed and contempt. Consider the denial by those in the religious community who shun smart, educated, intelligent and compassionate people who have differing sexual orientations.

What about a mother who loses her children in a child custody battle because of the inane judgment call by an internal labor union that blindly backs the father despite clear evidence the children are failing in school, have excessive levels of truancy, absences, missed school assignments, and a father who does not have the wherewithal to tend to the health care needs of the children. What is the judicial spine for which this country rests on? Who is behind the scenes influencing judges? Who in the end benefits from the decisions being made in the court room, and to what expense is society willing to allow this to continue?

For all the above and the countless numbers of unethical decisions that choke the life out of good decent people in all corners of society, driven by a monstrous underworld of business gone bad-bad-bad, Americans have reasons to set their minor political differences aside and unite. Conservatives and liberals should join hands and let old antiquated attitudes and actions toward one another be bygones. A spirit of unity, a crescendo of opportunity and a devotion to truth should prevail that upholds “the land of the free and the home of the brave.” Laughter that celebrates our common goals is a hopeful sign that the threshold that ordinarily separates us will be a binding unbreakable force.

Barbara Behlke is the President of Behlke Consulting and a communication consultant who specializes in topics about social, economic, and environmental issues. To learn more about Behlke Consulting please visit http://www.behlkeconsulting.com/

Author: Barbara Behlke
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